Become a Prayer Partner

As we prepare for our journey and as we are working in Africa, we will need prayer partners.  Prayer is not positive thoughts or a way to send ambigious good feelings into the universe on some one’s behald.  Prayer is a conversation with the living God of the universe.

Jesus prayed often while he was on earth.  He prayed late at night, early in the morning, before and after a hard day’s work.  If the Son of God needed prayer to fuel his own ministry, how much more do we need it?  God promises to hear your prayer.  What’s more, he promises to grant your requests when you pray according to his will and his name.  He invites people to pray.  When you pray, prayer focuses your body, soul, and spirit on your creator.  Prayer reminds you to give glory to God – he is the reason we live and breath.  Prayer helps you maintain your dependency on God – for every good and perfect thing comes from him.  Prayer connects you with the source of power that can do all things.

What You Can Do

We need your prayers.  We need encouragement in raising funds.  We need peace and unity within our family.  We need our faith built up each day to trust that God provides for our needs.  We need the spiritual soil of Africa to be ready for the work God has for us to do.  We need the family of God in Africa to be open to our help.  We want the people in Africa who do not yet know Jesus to even now begin to long for the peace and salvation found only in Jesus.  We need the reassuring hope given by the Holy Spirit that our faith is not in vain.  We need health and safety as we travel and live in Africa.  We need the love and peace of the Holy Spirit to flow out of us in a tangible way so that everyone we meet will feel this peace when they come into our presence; a peace that will disarm any fear, hate, and distrust of us as foreigners in their land.  We need the more financial partners to join with us.

Will you become a prayer partner?

We don’t want someone who will occasionally remember to pray.  We want someone who will committ to pray on a regular basis.  Try the 10:02 prayer alert.  Set an alarm on your phone to alert you at 10:02 (AM and/or PM) each day or every other day.  When the alert appears, spend a least a few minutes to pray.   We use this alert to help us pray as we prepare to go.  Why 10:02?  Check our Luke 10:2 for the answer.

To become a prayer partner, simply send us a note using the form below.  We cherish your prayers and we pray that God will bless you and grow your faith as you enter the harvest field with us.