So Close! At 86% but…

Team Stewart is getting sooooo close to the Monthly Partner goal!  We are at 86% in monthly partnership.  Our giraffe friend is almost completely full.

We are at 86% including verbal pledges.  But we are at 70% with confirmed pledged received by AGWM.

AGWM won’t approve us to go to the next stage (visa paperwork) until the 80% mark is reached in “received” pledges.

We are so thankful for everyone who has sent in their pledges (by mail or online) and very thankful for everyone who has told us they will join the team (we’re already counting you as a team member!).

If you haven’t mailed in the pledge form or filled out the online giving form, we would greatly appreciated you doing so this week.  This will help clear an important administrative step in the process.

We are always looking for new partners to join the team.  The work of Jesus is a team sport.  There is a part for everyone to play.  If the work in Tanzania excites your spirit, then join our team today.  You can be a financial partner (one time or monthly), a prayer partner, and even a story sharer (share our story with others in person or on social media).

When you find life in Jesus, faith will rise, joy increases, and you’ll want to go after Him.




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