Matching Challenge

When God calls you to a task, he will give you all the tools you need to compete the task.  The process of becoming Missionary Associates has taught us this truth time and again.

Yesterday, our home church family, Life’s Journey Christian Fellowship, blessed us with a surprise gift – a $10,000 matching challenge!  Pastor Casey and the elder team will match up to $10,000 for our cash fund goal.  Our family at LJCF can give financial support for our team directly to LJCF by noting on their check or payment that the money is intended for the Stewarts.  Each dollar given will be matched by the LJCF missions fund up to $10,000.

Not a member of LJCF?  That’s OK.  You can join the blessing too.  Send your support to:

Life’s Journey Christian Fellowship
PO Box 1915
Colstrip, MT 59323

Our one-time cash goal is set at approximately $37,000.  In two months, we already have $5,400 in cash support locked in from other awesome team members.  With this new matching challenge, that means we could be at $25,400 by the end of the holiday season (if not sooner)! We will be at nearly 70% of our cash goal raised within 4 months of being approved for the mission work.

This is God at work in the lives of his people! When this journey started we were over whelmed by the amount of money needed.  We told God that there is no way we can raise this money on our own.  He answered back, “I know.  You’re exactly right – you can’t do this on your own.”

A Bible story read at Sunday service a few days later gave us the answer.  In 2 Kings 7, the people of Isreal were surrounded by an army and the city under seige.  This was a desperate time with famine and the people never once turned to God.  Finally, in the hour of severe despair, a servant of the king went to the prophet Elisha and mostly complained that God wasn’t helping them.  Elisha responded like, “Oh, you want God’s help.  Sure, he’s been here the whole time.  He’ll solve your problem in 24 hours.”  But the servant boldly declared, “That couldn’t happen even if the Lord opened the windows of heaven!” (2 Kings 7:2. NLT)

I was convicted by the faithlessness of the servant.  I read it to Autumn again and we both agreed that we wanted to be opposite of this guy.  That night we prayed for God to open the heavens.  He is a good, good Father and the best program director.  When he says go (and he has clearly said it!) he provides all the supplies needed to make the going happen.  Since that night, we have seen the heavens open up and God pour out all that we need in amazing, we-never-could-have-imagined-it ways.

We want you to be encouraged and your faith inpsired by these stories.  When God tells you to go do something, don’t let the impossibleness of it keep you from going.  He will provide what you need to accomplish what he calls you to do.  You trust him and walk forward knowing he will keep your paths sure.

As God is stirring your heart to join our team, be apart of this match challenge.  It doesn’t matter how big a gift you send.  First pray and ask God how he wants you to join our team and what he wants you to give.   Then do it.  Keep us in your prayers and keep saying “yes” to any opprotunity to follow Jesus that he places in your day.



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